All is well

I finished the Harry Potter series this afternoon. the latest book is really dark and relly, really good!! I can’t help but wonder what Sarah, a dear friend of mine who died quite suddenly recently, would have thought about the final book. I thought about her a lot when I was at the release party with Ricky and the godkids. I know she LOVED the HP books. I still can’t believe she is gone. It impacts me daily, which is ironic because I had not seen her in years. I miss her. I wish I could call her up now and just say… “So whadda think?”. I remember when she was in SF with me. Her eyes were so wide, wide as saucers almost, when she saw the golden gate for the first time. I took her all over. she and I rode the cable cars, something I never do because it’s just sooo touristy. I think she would have relly liked this book. I can’t wait until Ricky is older. I think he is oging to like it too.


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