Earthquake alert

The other morning, at around 4:30, we had a quake in SF. actually, it was centered in oakland and was 4.2 magnitude. it was enough to wake up Ricky in the other room and have him call me. I got up while the ground was shaking and said to Stan (not mr. right, but mr. right now) “earthquake.” Stan told me I was halucinating. reason 13 to break up with him: he doubts my word. I digress…

in the morning it was all over the news: how to be prepared for the big one. I remember the 89 earthquake. I was at the world series. A’s vs. Giants. the game was actually cancelled. I watched in horror as my neighbors in the Marina lost everything (our house was spared). I thought to myself, I better get my earthquake kit in gear. can’t trust Bush to take care of us after a major diaster, Katrina proved that.

so I have this little kit started. water, some food, can opener, dog and cat food for the other kids, and a first aide kit. while buying all this stuff I noticed others were doing it as well.

nothing like a jolt of an earthquake to sucker punch you with reality.


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