Houdini has nothing on my kid

I was cooking dinner tonight for Ricky and myself and Ricky came running into the kitchen. He often does this, hence I wasn’t very surprised. However, he threw something at my feet, laughed like a mad man and ran off. I looked down to find his pants at my feet.

ok. sure. he doesn’t want to wear his pants. that’s cool.

a few minutes later, Ricky came skipping back into the kitchen. I didn’t look up. I figured he just wanted to see what I had done with his pants. I feel something land on my foot.

it’s his diaper. he got it off and was playing with his wee wee and laughing as I looked at his diaper sitting on my foot. I reched to grab him and he scampered off laughing hysterically.

tonight, while trying to put Rick to sleep, we laid quietly in the dark. Rick was in his diaper only. he was fiddling with it like he always does when he is falling asleep. I am resting my eyes and all of a sudden, SMACK, a diaper is in my face.

Rick sat up and started laughing at me and tried to crawl away. I immediatly grabbed the squirming 19 month old and put it back on him. he pouted and grabbed his bear and rolled over.

we are almost asleep when I get smacked AGAIN with a diaper to the face. Rick strted laughing. oviously this littl eboy wanted to be a naked baby. I let him roll around on the bed for a few minutes naked and free. he wouldn’t let me get near him with a diaper I figured.

Eventually, I figured out how to get around the diaper problem. eveytime I tried to put it on, Houdini would take it off. I can’t let and un-toliet trained little guy sleep diaper free… can I?

I found my loophole. the perk of living here in SF is that it’s always kind of chilly. we have a heat waves, sure, but it never reaches say, 100 degrees. I live near the golden gate/persido, so it’s often foggy. earlier this year I bought some little swimmers for Rick because we were going on vacation to hawaii. I have a whole package them left. Imagine Ricky’s surprise when I slide on of those suckers on and he couldn’t get them off!!

Mom (1), Ricky (0)


One Response to “Houdini has nothing on my kid”

  1. Maggie Says:

    sounds like its time for toilet training šŸ™‚

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