laughing out loud…

Last night Stan had a surprise for me. He took me out on a date. a REAL LIVE DATE. we are talking hair done, heels on, wearing cute outfit with no toddler drool or food stains DATE.

First of all, the man aranged to have a babysitter. My shock and surprise as my cousin Allie showed up on my door, armed and ready with toys and art supplies, to babysit for the evening. I couldn’t believe it.

So where would a generation X girl and guy go on such a classy date? To The Simpson’s Movie, of course! would you expect anything else for this 33 year old girl? and let me tell you… I laughed my ass off. I wound up laughing so hard I sprayed the guy in front of us with soda. Maybe it’s just because the Simpson’s have always been on the television as long as I can remember. It was the “cool show” to watch when I was in high school.

Afterwards he took me up to North Beach to this little resturant  It was delicous!  It looks like it would be expensive but it was actually reasonably priced. I think I will have to go back there.

all in all, it was a 4 star evening… especially when I got home to find Ricky asleep on Allie’s chest!


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  1. Maggie Says:

    email me password for previous entry please 🙂

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