Now that’s just WRONG!!!

Dinner last night. THe Ex boyfriend was in town and we are on great terms. He was here with his new love and she is just beautiful!! I am so happy for him.

We go to this little Italian place in North Beach. Ricky, charming as usual, flirted with everyone there. boys… girls… didn’t matter. everyone was in love with him. Even John (the ex) was in love with him. He had only seen Rick when he was about 9 months old. Now Rick is bigger and better with curly mop top hair (as my mother describes it) and bright blue eyes. YEs, he is quite the love.

We had a lovely dinner. Of course, lovely always comes with a catch when you have 19 month old baby- er, I mean toddler. We sat down and ordered appitaizers to be served with dinner. why with dinner? So that Rick could pick away at the bite sized food while we ate the “adult” food. It makes sense, right? we figured that Ricky would want calamari and garlic bread.

No sooner then our meal arrived, Ricky dived into the calamari. he LOVED it. it was adorable watching him shove fistfuls of deep fried squid in his mouth. of course we tried some as well, and it was absoulutly the best calamari I have EVER had. we continued our dinner and chatted. toward the end of the meal I looked toward rick. He was chewing with his mouth closed. “such a smart boy, ” I think. So I said to Rick, “I am glad you like your food little man!”

Rick smiled and promptly pushed the uncoated calamari out of his mouth tenticles first!!! it looked like a monster of somme type was peeling his “ricky shane zander” shell of s skin off and emerging!!!

yep, that ruined calamari for me.

mom (2) Ricky (3)


One Response to “Now that’s just WRONG!!!”

  1. Maggie Says:

    You know you can just stop keeping score. The kids will always outwit their parents.

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