And now for more city randomness…

Today I went from the Marina to the Sunset picking up a few bags of clothes for Rick. It was warm in the Marina, with a clear shot of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate. I remarked to Stan, who was with me, I couldn’t believe that the Marina was rebuilt so nicely after the 89 quake burned it to the ground. He agreed. However, that is not the randomness I speak of.

While in the sunset district, I went to the wrong house. That’s always embarrassing. After reading the directions wrong, I walked up to this tiny house and rang the bell. I expected that a mommy would answer the bell. Instead, an older, tiny Asian man come to the door. I opened my mouth to say I think I have the wrong house. I was interrupted by the little old man who made a groaning noise and pointed to his ears. he was deaf.

instantly I begin to flash back to my childhood. my two brothers and one sister all have Usher’s Syndrome. Even though said siblings live in Kansas, Florida and New York and I barely see them anymore, it was amazing how quickly I responded to the gentleman. I quickly signed to him, “I think I have the wrong house. I am looking for a member of my mothers group.”

needless to say, the little old man was not prepared for some strange woman to be using sign language on his front step. he cracked up and just looked plain astonished. he asked me how knew ASL. I told him my sibs use it but I haven’t used it regularly since they went to college about 8 years ago. he asked where they were now. I explained east coast and apologized that my asl was so crappy. he said it was great and not to worry.

I got back to the car. Stan looked at me.

“Wrong house.”

“were you signing to him?”

“umm… yeah. He was deaf.”

“only you would have the wrong house and wind up knowing the language the person speaks!”

yep. only me.


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