Stan the man

It’s interesting to me that I have a nice boy in my life. my track history with men is that I can’t really find a “nice guy”. I seem to attract assholes. And then there is Stan.

I won’t tellyou how we met, because you would never beleive that I, the fog city mommy, would be that pathetic. But here we have a boy who likes me. who is nice to me. who is sweet. who is just great.

how great? how unreal? HE came over yesterday, let me sleep all evening (three hours!!) when I asked him to wake me up after a half hour, AND CLEANED MY KITCHEN!!! We are talking a total revamp of the kitchen and it’s CLEAN. CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN!!!!! his reasoning was he just wanted me to rest and have a little bit of organization in the kitchen. I am in shock.

however, stan also got violently ill, puking a few times, about an hour later. opps. I walked to the grocery store an dbought crackers for him. I figured it was the wine he had drunk while cleaning. he says it was probably the “almost bad” peaches. I felt bad for him anyway. this morning I made him breakfast in bed.

here is the thing: stan is a great guy. he never expects anything. he understands how I may be embarassed about things (like shopping at good will for clothing) and that I am trying my hardest. he loves Rick. He thinks Ricky is the best kid in the world. He leaves post it notes on my scale in my bathroom that read, “you don’t need this!!!”. So why am I not happy? I mean, I am HAPPY, I just am not happy…


2 Responses to “Stan the man”

  1. mom2amara Says:

    Honey, first, all guys are assholes. You just have to find the right asshole for you.

    Second, Stan sounds lovely. So don’t beat yourself up because you’re not unhappy. If things are to work, they will. If not, just live in the moment and enjoy having a man who wants to clean your kitchen!

  2. M Says:

    I agree with mom2amara…enjoy a man that cleans your kitchen….they are rare.

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