No, you are not crazy…

today I had one of those few and far between PAID DAYS OFF! woot! This being a cold and cranky morning in SF, I decided that Rick and I would head out to my mother’s house for brunch. She lives in Oakley. It’s about and hour and a half east of SF. not bad when the morning commute is doing the lemming routine towards SF and we are going AWAY from SF.

Anyhoo, we had a lovely time with my mom and her husband. They just love playing with Ricky and I get to rest. on my way home, I needed to get gas. IN the east bay, particularly where mother dearest lives, it’s kind of the up and coming “white trash”. you can buy a huge house but you need to live in the middle of nowhere with people who are rather… annoying. However, the gas in Oakley is averaging about 2.60 a gallon, compared to the 3+ bucks it is a gallon in the city.

I stopped at the local shell station. Ricky had fallen asleep in the car. he was so tired from showing off for nana that he could run and jump. I swiped my card and undid the nozzle. I had just begun to pump my cheap-o gasoline when I heard a man right next to me say “Hello.”

The problem was there was NO ONE NEXT TO ME!!!

I was spinning around trying to figure out where the hell the man who was talking to me was. Maybe it was the intercom but there was no intercom! Eventually, the man kept talking “Thanks for stopping by our Shell station.” this was followed by “How green are you? did you know that BART runs….” I looked up. above the price gauge that was rapidly rising was a FLAT SCREEN TV.


I want to say that I think only in America would you find people watching TV commercials while filling up gas. It reminded me a little of the movie Minority Report, where Tom Cruise is walking through the mall and each ad changes to greet him. I pumped my gas and learned all about why I should take BART, see the movie “Balls of Fury” (which there will be a pron parody before you can say Christopher Walken), and why I should buy a Prius.

Only in America,


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