While watching the A’s game and drinking beer and eating pizza as grandma takes the baby out the following converstaion takes place:

me: this guy hit on me in the park. he had a son Ricky’s age and they had a lot of fun. it’s flattering

Stan: you should date him instead. that would solve all your problems. he has a kid; that will take care of your need and want of another kid. your kids get along. it’s much easier for you.

me: (after a pause) are you breaking up with me?

Stan: no! it would just be eaiser for you….

analyze that folks.

2 Responses to “uh-oh”

  1. mom2amara Says:

    Boys have a funny way of dealing with relationships. Maybe he said this out of some kind of nervousness about your relationship? When they don’t know the direction they’re heading in, they seem to ramble… Just a guess…

  2. Shigeta Says:

    Uh…what?! Men are so special. he opened his mouth to catch the words that fell out of the sky, then gifted you with that ridiculous statement.

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