Raspberries make me happy

Stressful burnout week almost over. and I can seriously say thank god. ironic, since it was a shorter week. maybe it’s because there is always more death over long weekends and the heat causes people to do crazy shit in SF.

Ricky was falling asleep on my stomach this evening. It’s how I put him to bed. I let him curl up on my belly, hear my heart beat, and then just doze off. tonight was the funny part. Mr. Ricky has a new hobby. Ricky decided that he would reach down my PJ top and by moving my shirt he blew a giant raspberry on my chest. I nearly wet myself laughing. Ricky cracked up as well. he continued to blow raspberries on my arm as he tried to go to sleep, giggling as he did so.

these are the moments I live for.


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