Do you feel like you belong?

This morning Ricky and I went to the GGMG “new member” coffee. I went to the last one with Ricky and we had fun. it was nice to feel like I made sense to people because, let’s face it, NONE of my friends have kids or understand what I go through on a day to day basis as a single mom. actually, everyone at the coffee (the first one) all had better halves. oh well…

As I was saying before I started off on a tangent about single mommy-hood, I went to the coffee this morning. I walked in and was greeted by the organizers, who recognized me from the last one. One of them said, “oh! you’re back!” in a way that I took to be “why are you here again?”. If I am wrong, I apologize right now, truely and deeply.

I pondered this for a split second and said, “well, i got an invite online.” (perhaps I wasn’t invited?) and “I can’t turn down coffee, my drug of choice these days.” I have never liked coffee until AFTER ricky was born.

anyway, I sat on the sidelines with the hyper ricky who has offically hit his terrible twos (damn it!!!!!!), feeling like an outsider. it really was horrible! I love my mom’s group. I love them. they have been so good to me and I hope to soon be in the postion that I can be good to other people in my situation. so why did I feel like I was in the 7th grade on the outside looking in again?

or maybe it’s just how this whole week has gone. it’s been hell.

more on the “secret” entry after play group, which I am hosting. and of course Ricky JUST fell asleep for a nap!


2 Responses to “Do you feel like you belong?”

  1. mom2amara Says:

    First, coffee has always been my drug of choice. Been hooked since my sophomore year of high school.

    Second, why must moms as a whole be so bitchy and judgemental? Honestly! Why can’t we all get along? I have such a hard time making friends — my current (or I suppose former) friends all do not have children. And when I try to reach out to mom groups in my community or my church, I feel alienated like no other. I just wrote about it yesterday. Grrr.

    Wish we lived by each other…I’d love to have you in my moms’ group!

  2. M Says:

    I’ve always felt that way with other mums. Even when Zane was in primary school I never really got into the ‘click’. i would stand alone at sport/swim carnivals cause I was never included. I always assumed it was cause I was about 10 years younger & a part time working mum but I think the bitches from our high schools grow up to be the bitchy mums

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