the terminator

One of my favorite movies, for the cheese factor, is the terminator. Come on, cute guy trying to save Sarag Connor? Good old Arnie with only a couple cliche lines. He’s a total bad ass. and now he is the fricking governor. but that’s another story for another day of laughter.

Anyway, I love the movie the terminator. I find it hilarous. I don’t, however, find it hilarous when the world begins to mimic movies and cheesy plot lines. What the hell am I talking about?

Ok, remember in terminator when he goes to kill off sarah? he uses the phone book and rips out a page that has the listings for all the sarah connors and then one by one begins to pick them off? and sarah is sitting in the bar, he walks up and what’s his face intercepts and says to her, “Come with me if you want to live!” Cheesy, yes….

let’s flash forward to today. I am working the weekend shift. why? why not? anyway, I am working and there were five people brought in. all of them women. I begin working on jane doe 1. (not really a jane doe but since this is the internet, you get the idea.) when I am done with her, I notice her birthday is 8-29.

that’s my birthday.

this isn’t that big of a deal. people come in with near misses to everyone’s birthdays in the place. everyonce and awhile, there is a hit. I feel bad for JD1. she had been murdered. I said a quick prayer and pulled JD2 out of the freezer. This lady was old. we are talking over 90. guess what I notice? her birthday happens to be… AUGUST 29th. ok, this is odd, right?

Third body, again a woman, also with the birthday of AUGUST 29th. at this point, I begin to think this is a little errie. A little unnerving as well. I decide to take a break, walk about the area, and come back. I came back to another girl, and you guessed it, August 29th

When the last body rolled in and her name matched mine, her incials were the same (RMZ) AND she was born on AUGUST 29th 1973 AND SHE WAS KILLED… well I took off at that point. a little too scary for me. now I am sitting in a coffee shop instead of a bar and beginning to wonder if some atracive man will be coming up to me and saying “come with me if you want to live.”


2 Responses to “the terminator”

  1. mom2amara Says:

    Are you kidding? That’s freaky.

    Do you say a quick prayer for every person brought in? That is maybe one of the nicest things I have ever heard.

  2. fogcitymommy Says:

    well,, working with the dead makes you pretty spiritual. I try to say a quick prayer, espcially for the young and the homicides.

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