Let’s go fly a kite!!!

today was the family kite festival in SF. actually, it was all weekend. now before you mutter to yourself, “how lame” let me just tell you that I go to this every year. IT IS AMAZING. there are kites of all sizes and shapes. there are “professional world champion” kite flyers doing tricks and feats that I cannot even begin to describe, including having kites pretty much levitate a few inches off the ground. I can’t explain it, it’s just really cool. I wish that I could have taken Ricky with me. but alas, Sean has him for the monthly weekend.

Stan and I went just to lay in the sun and watch the kites. doesn’t matter how old you are, the show is quite extreme. I was laying in the sun, missing Ricky, when the most interesting thing happened. laying on my stomache, watching the stunt kites towards fort mason, something landed on my back. Something large. something squiggly. something that drooled and said “mommy!!!”

Oh yes, Ricky and Sean were at the Kite festival as well. And Sean ACTUALLY let ricky run over and jump on me.

I am as shocked as you are.

Photos to follow…


4 Responses to “Let’s go fly a kite!!!”

  1. motherofbun Says:

    That kite event sounds supercool. Even if your little man couldn’t be there with you at least he did get to see it. And glad he got to see you there while watching kites.

  2. motherofbun Says:

    Maybe the ex is finally growing up? (ok maybe not but maybe a weee bit?)

  3. fogcitymommy Says:

    yeah, I highly doubt that. he was an asshole the whole time. but it was nice for ricky 🙂

  4. Shigeta Says:

    Oooh what a sweet moment…with Ricky, not sean. I’m gald he let your baby come give you some love.

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