That new car smell…

oh how I love that new car smell. as you may remember, FCM found that her car had a funky smell last week. upon furhter insepction (and a massive attempt to weed out any gross bottles that may have been left in the car, having rolled under the seat after Mr. Ricky threw them) it was discovered that FCM’s beautiful toyota was…. molding.

Today, I worked a half day and came home to clean the car out. I am asure you can imagine the ordeal. I braced myself with a mask from the hospital, two types of trash bags, and cleaning supplies. I opened all the doors to the car and actually found myself muttering, “are you feeling lucky, punk?”


The first attempt was to get all the extra clothes and shoes out of the car. into the white kitchen trash bags they went. this included, but was not limeted to, Ricky’s clothes, stuff from the diaper bag, the MOLDING clothes, my work shoes, my work jacket (for those days when you have to go and testify in court) and a baby blanky.

after all that was out I found the real disater. under the seats? god-knows-how-old bottles of juice… that was cloudy. an empty milk carton. crumbs, crumbs, crumbs…. papers, magazines (no, i really don’t care about Guns and Roses 20 years later), pens, coins, burned CDs from my iTunes with random sticky stuff on them, empty coffee cups from Starbucks, pastery bags from cafe’s in the hospital…. GROSS

But it was the smell that got to me. I can’t explain it. even when I was preggers, smells didn’tbother me. however, I think all that crap was just coating the disgusting, foul, tangy, bitter, rancid smell that my poor car now had. oh god. ohgodohgodohgod!!!

I realized, hanging my head in defete, that it needed someone much stronger then I was to clean the car. Hence, my lovely Camry was lovingly hand washed at a “touchless” wash place on divisadaro and oak. I sat, for an hour, talking with renee on the phone about relationships, life, cars, dates (i had one!) and watched as my mud streaked, pigion pooped on, rancid smelling Camry named colleen got the royal treatment.

when she was done, it was like she was new. she was shiney and green again! she was clean inside! she sparkled in the sun! and when I got into the car, the rancid smell was replaced with a polished inside, scrubbed rugs and the faint smell of Jasmine.

Oh yes, a review is to come of this wonderful place!


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