Cops are here…. AGAIN.

I came home today from running around the city to find that the police were in the neighborhood, again. further more, it’s not just one police cruiser but maybe about five.

with their lights on.

and the street blocked off.

with crime tape.

oh shit.

Now my first thought is that psycho has called the cops and something really big has gone down. second thought is maybe psycho has been hit by a car. third thought? someone is dead. fourth? crap, don’t tell me I am going to have to go do the stupid crime scene crap because I AM ON VACATION. (these fear doubled when the officers recognized me and came over to say hello.)

However, there is a perk to my job: while no one could get any answers I simply just smiled and said, “man, am I wroking today?” to the officer. He cracked up and said that there was actually grendaes found in the haunted house as ricky calls it so the bomb squad was there taking them out. turns out, the guy who died in tht house was a big corpreal in the army a long time ago and had many guns etc. I smiled and went home.

I will bet you anything it’s going to be on the news tonight.

Still wish it was psycho getting evicted or something.


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