I hate SF

you heard me people, I hate SF. But, FCM, you have lived there your whole life! You said you would never leave! you always are raving about “your town”!

still, every once and awhile, I hate SF. Last night was my case in point. I went to do my laundry. now you need to realize, I live up 30 stairs. I have two doors to go through, one of which is very heavy. I have a two year old who squirms when carried but isn’t sure enough to walk down the stairs yet. and I usually have a black heafty bag of laundry each week.

going to the laundry mat, which is a block away I might add, is a feat. I have learned that the stroller that is in the hall is a great mode to transport the bag of laundry. I drag that stroller down the last 15 steps, through the heavy door, and then push the laundry like a baby. The detergent bottle stands on toop of the large bad and Ricky sits on my right hip. I must look quite the sight, espically since since I have pounds of quarters in my pockets as well.

Ok, laundry is drying and it was freakin’ 3 bucks for 90 minutes. it’s really not that bad really, but considering it’s 7 bucks to WASH, well, once a week laundry can be pricey. oh how I miss my own washer and dryer.

With Ricky asleep, I set up my “high tech” baby monitor, which consists of the phone next to ricky’s head and my cell on speaker and tucked in my cleavage, and ran a block away to the laundry mat to pick up my laundry. As I approached I noted that my laundry was still spinning in the dryer. odd. as I got even CLOSER I noticed my laundry was in the dryer next to the one I thought I had put it in. no big deal, I thought.

I get even closer and realize that my dryer was open. oh shit, somehomeless person came and stole my clothes a la Marla in Fight Club. I bolt in. no, it was worse.



Of course I have no quarters left so I had to take home a bag of wet clothes. of course, I could say that I blame myself as I wasn’t there watching the laundry. arugh.


4 Responses to “I hate SF”

  1. Missy Says:

    I hate stairs with a passion. And oh man that sucks big time. Who does that? Seriously?!

  2. mom2amara Says:

    That’s so effin shady. People suck.

  3. girlkitty79 Says:

    Console yourself with: karma, baby…karma. The perpetrator will get his in the end!!!!

  4. fog city mommy Says:

    Missy- ugh, and these stairs are STEEP! and marble!!! who does that? some lame ass person
    M2A- and I live in a decent neighborhood too!
    GK79- Karma is my friend. one day when they least expect it, their uppance will come.

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