under attack.

Today, after finishing up at ucsf having th egood old ears and eyes checked, which was not too bad by the way, I was walaking to the car when over head I hear a load roar. like very other idiot in the street I stopped and looked up to see a plane racing overhead towards the financial district at a very high speed.

My first thought? “oh god, we are under attack again. they are headed to the transamerica building!” people around me were looking up with concern. frantic murmering was running through the throngs of people who had raced out of their offices and lobbies to see what the noise was about. people were stopped in the streets and getting out of cars. I can only imagine waht 911 was like in NY.

The fast moving plane headed downtown. as quickly as it came, another plane was on it’s tail. this one was a fighter plane. and it looked familliar… in fact, they were flying in formation over the entire city. a few minutes later two more jets joined the other two fighters. all of a sudden I started laughing at my own paranoia:

it’s fleet week in SF

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