my baby is sick

my baby is sick.

this is the night where I stay awake, praying with each breath, that he is ok. his little smiling face is in a grimance. his beautiful forehead is laced with beads of sweat. I sit and watch, through out the night, for little signs. he coughs and turns. he sneezes and cries. he rips off his pajama’s and sleeps in a diaper. he bables inchoheratnly throughout the night, tossing and turning in a relm where I cannot go. I breathe slowly, moulding my body around his as he squirms across my bed. I hurt with him when he cried out in the night. I hold tight to hom when he whimpers. the bedroom smells of tylenol and vicks. the air is heavy and damp with the humidifier. I hold my baby, skin burning on my chest.

when the fever really runs high, I take the baby in my arms and run out to the car and drive four blocks to the all night walgreens. who cares about the pain in the ass parking that is SF when your baby is sick. no shoes, a sweat shirt and flannel pj bottoms I run from the car. I carry him, bundled on my shoulders and arms into the store and lok frantically at the asiles. my baby pats my back, as if trying to calm me. I ask the nearest clerk for themometers. she runs quickly up and asile for me and helps me get one. her panic must mean I am panicked, its mimicked in her eyes. the baby calmly sneezes and cries softly on my shoulder.

we drive home and park. in the house I take his temp. he cries out a little but is pacified by the sounds of the singing. ten seconds is eternity. fever is 101. my baby takes more tylonal and goes back to bed. I stay awake, the rest of the night, a gaurd at my post, watching over my angel. he murmers in his sleep and I cry.

there is nothing I can do.

my baby is sick.


8 Responses to “my baby is sick”

  1. Siobhan Says:

    I’m so sorry. I hope he gets better soon!

  2. Shigeta Says:

    R-when it rains it pours. I’m sorry your boy is sick. I hope he shakes it off soon. AND I hope your situation at work works itself out. Cuz you know what….I am so sick of work and life not working out for us working mothers…..:(

  3. mom2amara Says:

    We’re going thru a bug on our end too. So I feel your pain. Hope Ricky’s feeling better soon!

  4. girlkitty79 Says:

    Babies are pretty tough…if he’s anything like you, he will be just fine.

  5. Miz BoheMia Says:

    He WILL be just fine but m god what hell when they are sick… I have always wanted to just die every time my babies have been sick and fever is just one of the worst hells for them… my thoughts are with you my dear… hoping that all is better and calmer by now…

  6. fog city mommy Says:

    siobhan the cool name- thank you!
    Shigeta- thank you. I can’t beleive all this shit really. for me it’s beena hell of a year.
    mom2amara- glad to know it’s not just my kid. when he’s sick I always think it’s only him. feel better!!!!
    Girlkitty79- welcome to my blog! thank you for the kind thoughts. luckliy, it’s just a cold I think
    Miz. B- my fellow SFer, I think the nice weather is really helping. 🙂

  7. Dory Says:

    *pats your back*
    He’ll be better soon. 🙂

  8. Bliss Says:

    I cried as I read this. What a BEAUTIFUL and terrifying story. My baby is 8 weeks and I know this panic. I hope everything is better. I couldn’t read this without telling you how this touched my heart. Blessings

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