my job at risk.

I hate him. I hate the mother fucker. hate hate hate.

who am I talking about? my “supervisor”. recently at my job it’s been a little cazy. craizer then you expect to tell you the truth. so, yes, I was a little pissed off when the boss calls me on my vacation and says, “umm… can I talk to you? can you come in?”

me, being the whipped idiot that I am, comes in. so we talk about this email the MF sent him. it’s a list saying that I am inept at my job, I screw up databases, I don’t use the correct abreavations and in general I am a fuck up and need to be fired because I am a fuck up.

hmmm… ok, thanks for the imput. My response? I am this guy’s total bitch where I do everything for him!! EVERYTHING!!! and so what if I use the abbrevation ptnr instead of ptr? so what if I put HX for history instead of Hs? what the fuck?!?!?!?! Guess what? I called my union rep.

today I went back in. with my union rep.

egg shells. egg shells baby.


5 Responses to “my job at risk.”

  1. mom2amara Says:

    Girl, look at my post today. I couldn’t go into much detail there because some coworkers read my blog. But I’ll say this. I ask my boss what I can do to make more money. And when she realizes I have an offer somewhere else, she spends 20 mintues yelling at me. No lie. She tells me it’s my fault I don’t get “incentives” like comp days because I’m too much of a team player and too willing to help. WTF? Then she says that I should have molded the position to be what I wanted. I’m sorry? I had that much power and didn’t know it? I don’t think so!

    Girl, I know about egg shells. But f- ’em all!

  2. Miz BoheMia Says:

    Good for you! Fight back… though I am so sorry that you have to be faced with such a situation to begin with!

    As for your comment in the delusrking post… YES!!!! I WAS in the fabric shop on Haight on Friday afternoon! My mind is beyond boggled! What, when, where, how? I know not what to ask but am dying to know what you look like to see if I remember too! Definitely a small world!

  3. girlkitty79 Says:

    Your job should not be in jeopardy because of one jerk. I am glad you are fighting back. Your boss sounds as if he is pretty cool…is he?

  4. fog city mommy Says:

    Miz. B- send me an email, I’ll send you a pic. you would have remembered me though, my hair was loooooooooooong. 🙂

  5. fog city mommy Says:

    girl kitty79- ummm. he is ok. I have two boses. jerk face and boss man. jerk face is my imediate super and boss man is maybe one step above him. but it’s going ok so far. 🙂

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