Geek squad can suck it

I have been having some issues with my camera. Namely, it won’t freaking work. I have noticed recently that it burns through batteries like Lindsey Lohan going thorugh “rehabs”. It seemed to me that I would put a new pair of batteries in and instantly the batteries would die for no apparent reason. I know that digitals have a tendency to suck the living juice out of things, but putting in fresh, brand spanking new batteries and then having them be drained in half an hour? Yeah, something fishy about that.

Next, I would turn it on and it would shut off on it’s self. But it wouldn’t close the lens. The lens would stay open, but I wouldn’t be able to turn on or off the camera. So here I was with an exposed lens that I didn’t want to fuck up and a camera that wasn’t functioning.


Thank god when I bought the damn thing I also bought an extended warranty on it. Oh yes, this warranty even covers “baby drool.” Not that Ricky EVER chews on it but you never know. I took it into the local Best Buy last Tuesday to have the “geek Squad” check it out. Of course the bloody thing behaved it’s self. The only thing it didn’t do was reset the lens but even that was fixed with the miraculous NEW BATTERIES the guy put in.

“Here you go, you just need to make sure that there are batteries that are working in the camera.”

“but these were new batteries. I put them in before I came here.”

“maybe you got a dud set from…. Heh, radio shack”, he says to me condescendingly.

“so when it fails in 20 minutes should I come back and just ask for you?” I retort.

Flash forward to yesterday: at Fleet Week with Ricky. Not only does the camera get stuck open and the “batteries” fail, but also the LCD screen gets jacked so there is nothing but stripes on it. Motherfucker.

I go back to Best Buy today with Stan. A nice (and attractive) young man helps me out. His response? “wow… who told you it was the batteries?”

I point to the overweight zit guy that helped me on Tuesday. The young guy smirked. Turns out that’s the boss.

As we were leaving, I stop by the boss and say, “you should give that guy a raise. He figured out it wasn’t the batteries.”



3 Responses to “Geek squad can suck it”

  1. Sueb0b Says:

    Funny. Love that the boss is the dork of dorks.

  2. motherofbun Says:

    I LOVE what you said at the end to the “Its the batteries” asswipe.

  3. Siobhan Says:

    I have the same problem with my camera and batteries. So frustrating

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