Shitty days and shitty TV equals good day? hmm…

Yesterday was my day back from two week vacation at work. and yes, it was shitty. shitty shitty shitty. you want to know what made it better? the stupid TV show Pushing Daisies.

yes, the TV show I watched last week because I figured, in my line of work and having Big Fish being my all time favorite movie hands down, this would be a great TV show for me. too bad I found that the premire was pretty… disappointing. sad, eh? Something I as so looking forward to would be such a bomb?

yesterday was my first day back on the job after my two week vacation. it was met with hell, more hell, and jerk face boss. I really hate him. no really, I do. I came home and Ricky was being cranky, so I decided I would just watch TV. I don’t usually watch tv that much but hey, I thought I wold try the whole pushing daisies thing again.

so here is a flash back for you: I was visiting my brother Jason in NY in 2003. he wanted to take me to a broadway show. he had tickets to see Wicked. (see? hear? Jason has usher’s syndrome. But sstill it was loud enough to follow and had “pretty colors” he said). Wicked, is based on my all time favorite book (Wicked: the life and times of the witch of the west). It’s warped look at the Wizard of Oz story, told from the point of view of the witch of the west. basically, she’s a scapegoat for the wizard. great story. anyway… not only was the show amazing but I saw Kristen Cheniwith sing her heart out as Glinda.

OH MY GOD. SHE ROCKS. holy crap she was amazing. amazing amazing amazing!!!! if you ever get a chance to see her on stage, do it!!! she is amazing! (the chick who played the witch was ok but wow, glinda….) anyway, flash forward a few years and Sean was watching The West Wing, a show I could never get into, and all of a sudden I looked up and there she was! she’s moved to TV! rock on!

So imagine my surprise last week when I saw her on pushing daisies. rock on. so this week I give the shitty show another try. guess what? she was singing!!!! YEA!!!!!! the best part was that Ricky stopped fussing and sat up and listened to it!

ok, so it kind of made my day. do I sound stalker like or what?


4 Responses to “Shitty days and shitty TV equals good day? hmm…”

  1. L Says:

    She was on Ellen yesterday and started singing… she has an amazing voice.

  2. manda Says:

    I enjoyed Pushing Daisies, so far. I also enjoy Kristen. Her voice is AMAZING!

  3. motherofbun Says:

    I do like KC. She is so spunky. I wonder what she’d be like after a few martinis? heehee.

    Hey I’ve got a question on my blog and I’m dying to get your input (IF you feel up to it. No pressure!) I’ve posed the question in e-mail form to some chicks too.

  4. mom2amara Says:

    I’m going to try my luck to get tickets for Wicked…box office will start selling tickets at 8 am Friday… I have yet to see it but everyone raves about it so I’m hopeful!

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