In which we wonder if “Ya looking for me?”

I find it funny some of the search terms that bring my blog up. so here are my responses to those intersting folk:

“red is the color” quote: ahhhh…. what an excellent movie. one of my favorites that Sean introduced me to. I highly reccomend it to everyone.

Burning crazier: hmmm…. didn’t go to burning man this year. or last year actually. not since the arrival of the Ricky boy.

“fog city” rachel: which one? there are two of us

fairy tales that have 1000 words: certinatly not my life.  I am more of a zombie dead kind of girl.

want to see autopsy: no really, you don’t. they can be quite gross. this ain’t CSI.

cleaning mommy’s asshole: um. not here. get help.

Fucking mommy good: um. see response above. 

Are there any moonshine cars left?: ye-haw! moonshine!  and a car that runs on them?  woohoo!!!  talk about saving gas!

Mr. Roger’s Sucks: I actually like him.  sort of. well, no I don’t.  he was great when I was a kid though!

So there you go!  I guess this is what my blog is all about.


One Response to “In which we wonder if “Ya looking for me?””

  1. motherofbun Says:

    I wonder what they think then we they click on your blog and don’t see any mommy porn, assholes or Mr. Rogers? heehee

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