bad bad bad

you know its a bad day when you have the secretary forward all calls to your voice mail, lock yourself in your office and sob, calling your mother for advice, on you complete asshat of a supervisior.

oh yes, union is involved now.


3 Responses to “bad bad bad”

  1. Shel Says:

    Are you ok?

    You are an aweome writer! i be your son loves you very much xx

  2. Shigeta Says:

    So sorry this is happening. Wanted to send you some ridic captions of my vacation but real life slapped my upside the head by making me the mother of a 5th grader who’s
    f’ing up inschool and getting a call from one of my oldest friends that her dad died on Sunday. Holy sh’t what a day it’s been for me and you….. RUDE! This is not my blog.

    As I said 20 minutes ago, this blows. I’m sorry R.

  3. Smiling Mom Says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry. I wish I could do something to help…

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