the aftermath of meeting Frank Warren…

eventually I will get to how cool it was and how much he liked Ricky, who of course was amazing, but when I was outside buckling Ricky into his buggy, totally bending over him, this rough homeless looking guy stopped and said, “excuse me, do you know of any cute three year olds I can have?”

my response was simple: “OH HELL NO.”

Him: “well he is really cute.”

while walking away with his buddy: “we don’t want any three year old brats anyway.”

oh no you didn’t….

I hate SF


One Response to “the aftermath of meeting Frank Warren…”

  1. motherofbun Says:

    You got to meet Frank Warren. How super cool. SO excited for you.

    Last night I was so fed up with my son that if that homeless man would have asked me that question, I would have been all, “HERE YOU GO. He’s 5, stubborn as his father and is very high maintenance. Have fun!”

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