wow. your searching terms are beginning to freak me out

I can’t think of anything else to write for for today’s NaMoBoqurstuvwxyz month thing so here it is: search terms that are scary leding to me….

my dick got hard when she diapered me- you know there is actually a disorder (psychologically speaking of course) that deals with men wanting to be treated like a child.

stan the man and gmail- oh trust me. stan ain’t the man anymore, stay tuned for why.

FCM + Blog- yeah, that’s me.

I hate SF- I really don’t but boy can it be frustrating sometimes!

kick in dick by a chick- well one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish… you probably deserved it. I mean, calling a girl a chick? oink oink oink!! I smell bacon!!

flashbacks and burn out from meth use- never used meth. never talked about meth. never talked about flashbacks. interesting.

marriage breakdown- I bet my story is better then yours

mom and daughter pissing- I hvae no dauther and I sure as hell wouldn’t piss with her.


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