I think I would rather be single.

Stan. sigh, oh stan… why must you be so damn nice? you loan me this money to get my new place lst spring after only 6 weeks of knowning you… and yet…

– you won’t help with Ricky, although I have asked you only once to change a diaper and that was today. your response? “I didn’t fall on my head”

– you haven’t mentioned me to any of your friends or family. how long have we been dating? seven months now?

– you are horny, ALL THE TIME, but don’t understand a girl needs to “warm up” a bit.

– I jokingly refer to myself as your “booty call” but you don’t correct me.

– I fake it. almost 99 percent of the time, just so I can go to bed.

– there is more to life then missionary. there is more to life then sex.


– if I say my son needs a ride in the car, and you can’t understand why he is still crying after TWO hours, let me take him in the car. he was out in 5 minutes!!!

– you don’t like music. you don’t dance. you plug your ears when Ricky cries. You plug your ears when I grind coffee for fucks sake!!

– you don’t know who JOhn Lennon is. you don’t understand a lot of simple little things like that.

– you don’t want children. sorry, I do. and Ricky and I are a package deal

– finally, making me CHOSE to put my son in his bed because you were sleeping over, because the QUEEN BED was TOO SMALL for all of us… you sealed your fate. I hated putting ricky inthe other bed.

oh, if only I didn’t owe you 3400 bucks.


5 Responses to “I think I would rather be single.”

  1. adventuremom Says:

    With your recent resume of adventures I think you are in the market to totally trade up. You only live once and why settle for a dick since you work with one too 🙂

  2. Farrell Says:

    Um, yeeahhhh…you need to get rid of that one.
    Not that I’m telling you what to do; but you already know what to do.

  3. L Says:

    There’s a saying – a person who is nice to you, but not to the waiter, is not a nice person.
    I think it’s true even more so, when it goes – a person who is nice to you, but not to your child, is not a nice person.

  4. Farrell Says:

    Hey! How do you get invited to the “protected” entries?!?

  5. mom2amara Says:

    Girl, you know what you need to do…

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