Eat your heart out Beckham…

oh yes, there is a new soccer star on the field. he rocks. he can kick the ball like no other, including mastering the elusive “backward” kick. Introducing the next Beckham… Ricky Zander!!!

oh yes, Ricky is a freaking star people! A STAR!! his father will hate it (because he’s the only Irish guy I know that hates soccer) but my little kiddo and I can be found almost everynight of the week, at strabucks, kicking pumpkins. what? pumpkins? It started as a total fluke. Ricky and I go to starbucks every night and I get a coffee and Ricky, if it’s been a good day at day care, madaline cookies. orginally, Ricky would run around the store, smack the windows at the people passing outside and blow kisses to random people.

then came halloween. and the stuffed pumpkins that starbucks was selling. Oh ricky, he reached right into that basket and pulled one out to play with. and it started… Rick loves his soccer. I would kick it, he would pass it to me, he runs and jumps and laughs. he even throws the ball after a goal and head butts!! of course, after kicking a pumpkin all around the floor in the starbucks I had to buy it. I am sure the floor wasn’t the cleanest. in fact, now a few days later, our daily soccer matches have proved that the floor isn’t too clean. But what is hilarous is that all the coffee regulars now kick the “ball” to ricky as they pass.

oh yes, eat your heartout Beckham.


3 Responses to “Eat your heart out Beckham…”

  1. Siobhan Says:

    Aw that’s really cute. What’s you email address?

  2. fog city mommy Says:

    rach (dot) zand at gmail (dot) com

  3. Carrie Says:

    That is so cute! He’ll be wearing real shin guards in no time!

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