be proud of me

Stan called at around five. he woke me up from a nap.

“hey, wondering if you want to finish the movie?” (we started Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind the other night)

what he was really saying, askide from finishing the movie, was “I am horny. wanna have sex tonight?”

I said, “not really. I am tired.”

be proud.

truth is, I am tired. Ricky has this new thing of screaming holy hell at 3am every morning and I can’t do anything. doesn’t want a bottle, doesn’t want to be held but doesn’t want to lay there or sit up. it’s so bad that my neighbors (not psycho) are waking up. so I put Ricky inthe car AT THREE A.M. and drive him around the city!!! it’s foggy as all hell and there may or may not be parking when I get home. plus ricky is sick. so no, not really in the mood for a booty call.

aren’t you proud?


6 Responses to “be proud of me”

  1. trish Says:

    i am soooo proud of you, seriously, life is too short to be someone’s booty call (and, apparently, it seems that you’re not even enjoying that if you have to fake it). not that i’m in any position to tell anyone how to run their lives (i’m way too busy fucking up my own life), but, it might benefit you to do the ol’ “pro’s and con’s” list of why you are staying with this guy (i realize you owe him $, but, again, life is too short, let him take you to small claims court… wtf ever).

    here are 3 websites that i prefer in looking for my soulmate, and i hope that this helps.

    you (and lil ricky) really deserve to be treated better than this.


  2. trish Says:

    1. i am soooo proud of you!!
    2. i am soooo pissed. this is my second post. i wrote you this big long paragraph about how proud i was of you, hit “post comment” and it disappeared! i’m hoping that it is somewhere out there in limboland and will get delivered to you at some point in time, if not, well, i’ll just have to try to remember what i wrote, huh? did i happen to mention that i have c.r.s.???


  3. Shigeta Says:

    Good job!!!

  4. Tom Asby Says:

    Way to not go!!!
    Stan is more than capable of dealing with his problem, all on his own and probably better get used to it.

    Ricky might be reliving some of the fear he felt when you went in the hospital… or it could be normal night terrors. My youngest got them at that age. Either way, it doesn’t make them easier at 3 am.

  5. Farrell Says:

    For you and ricky, that SUCKS. the whole 3am thing. NOT FUN!
    As for stan: You haven’t broken up with him yet?
    Also: i love that movie.

  6. Smiling Mom Says:

    BC had night terrors around that age. It apparently freaks the parent out more than the kid. We tried to change his environment such as taking off a layer of clothing to snap him out of his screaming state.

    Night terrors= sound asleep and have no idea what they are doing even though they look and sound awake. And there is no memory of it when it is over…for the kid that is. We? We are traumatized.

    Good luck!

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