Take pride in your city people!!! Take pride in our glorious beauty! Take pride in our diversity!

Recently, my friend Kathy and I took our sons to the playground they both love so much. Kathy’s son is younger then Ricky, by six months, but he loves it as well. Imagine our dismay, when we arrived, to find our NEWLY REDONE PLAYGROUND… tagged with graffiti.


I HATE PEOPLE IN SF WHO DO THIS SHIT. Kath was just as outraged as I was. It’s sad day when our kids are playing among things like “jenni sucks a good dick” and “fuck you all mother fuckers”

SO… what are we doing about this people? WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO SINCE PARKS AND REC OF SF CAN’T SEEM TO GET THEIR ASSES IN GEAR? Kathy and I are going to go down to the playground, after dropping Ricky with his granny and Kathy’s ex picks up her kid, and we are cleaning it up.

Come join us. Take pride in your playground and neighborhoods. November 11th.


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