Why I call my blog “Fog City Mommy”

I live in SF. love living in SF. lived here my whole life pretty much.

Hence the “city” is SF

I am a mom. I love being a mom. it’s something I live for.

Hence the Mommy.

But the fog? how can I explain it?

well, here’s an example.

What are you looking at?

This picture was taken at 1pm today. what you are looking at, or not looking at for that matter, is Crissy Field. what the fog, which is normal by the way, is obscuring…




One Response to “Why I call my blog “Fog City Mommy””

  1. ilovemyredhead Says:

    that is a shitload of fog. i live in kentucky, and the mornings here are often foggy due to small lakes being everywhere and such. But it’s nothing like that.

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