My city in ruins

Back to work I go today. luckly, there were no bodies for me to slice and dice (need to clarify something: I actaully have TWO jobs. one I can write about. one I cannot write about, or I would be breaking all sorts of HIPPA laws.) I did get to go driving in the mystery machine though and pick up a few people.

This is what I find disturbing: my favorite thing is to walk on the beach after work. it calms my nerves. it makes me happy. it puts things into perspective for me. makes me feel a little bit less like the angel of death. the ocean to me is an amazing and anchient power that keeps me grounded. maybe this is why I swim in the ocean when I can. the constant rythem, the ebbs and flow, the power and draw, it reminds me of womanhood and all the joys with it. the tides, the swells, the crashes, the ripples, the waves…

while driving along the great highway, next to ocean beach, on any given day th surf is littered with sufers on boards, wind surfers with parachutes, hang glinders jumping of cliffs, kites darting drastically thhrough the air, dogs chasing balls in the surf and peapole enjoying the sun (when the sun is out that is). I love it for the color and eccentrics on the beach. I love staring off into the ditence and seeing nothing but blue out until the shade of the sky meets the shade of the ocean.

Today, while driving in the morgue van, it was a gastly scene. devestating. there were no surfers. there were no dogs. no hangliders or kites or parachutes. the beach was roped off with yellow crime scene tape. the police were there talking to people and pointing at the beach. there were news crews setting up cameras and vans with anteneas going up. there were men and women there, dressed in hazmat suits.

they were there for the oil. the oil that has seeped into my bay. that has killed the wildlife locally. that was a stupid fuck up in the fog when a tanker hit the bay bridge. my beach is polluted. the once blue ocean is now murky. seagulls squwack around, trying to get the gummy residue off their feet. fish are dying. birds are choking. the once sweet smell of salt water that would waft into my car now is rank with the smell of tar and burning. I cannot breathe. I cannot think. All I can do is cry.


One Response to “My city in ruins”

  1. mom2amara Says:

    I’m sorry your ‘sanctuary’ has been tarnished. I know (perhaps it should be hope) you will find another retreat to take its place until the calm and serene beach is back to where it should be.

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