aw shit. no literally.

Potty training is a bitch. I mean, I real pain in the ass. why the hell is this so damn hard?

Ricky doesn’t like his toliet. no, let me rephrase this he HATES his toliet. HATES IT!!! well, let me rephase that again. He doesn’t like sitting on it. he doesn’t want to. I try to put him on it. he back lunges so that he isn’t touching the damn seat!!! he also screams horridly. however… he doesn’t mind playing with the infer read light that sets off the sensor that has the little voice saying “you did it!” and then singing “I’m going to the potty now it makes me proud, cuz I know how. I use the potty every day then I flush it all away. everyone say horray!” he likes the inferred light!! he plays with it. he likes to set it off.
but no no no!! can’t sit on it! that would be horrible. so what I have been doing is emptying Ricky’s diapers into the potty, then taking the potty to the toilet and letting him wave bye bye as it spirals down.

yeah, it didn’t work.

I tried sitting him on the BIG toliet and holding on to him. maybe he would get the idea. he’s been in the bathroom with me. he “gets it” I think. but no. it didn’t work. he sat there. nothing.

I let him run around naked. I look for signs that he has to go. I am sitting on the couch and he is playing next to me when I smell it. Pee. I look down. there is piss on the floor. as well as a huge pile of shit.


any suggestions? because I am about to take a crap in his potty to show him what the fuck to do!!!!!!!


5 Responses to “aw shit. no literally.”

  1. Smiling Mom Says:

    Don’t push it. πŸ™‚ Let him run around when you know he’s just gone potty. Let him get more use to that feeling. But don’t push it. It’ll begin to happen when he’s ready. πŸ™‚

  2. mom2amara Says:

    Sorry, no suggestions here. I have heard that boys are harder to train than girls. Amara was a cinch. Sorry, not bragging, just wanted you to know that I totally understand just can’t offer any advice!

  3. Siobhan Says:

    That doesn’t sound fun at all! This is from my developmental psych textbook:
    Toilet training is best delayed until the months following the second birthday, when children can consistly identify the signals from a full bladder or rectum and wait for the right place to open these muscles- physiological developments essential for the child to cooperate with training. A toddler who stays dry for several hours at a time, stops playing during urination or a bowel movement, and is bothered by a wet or full diaper shows signs of readiness. Childre whose parents postpone intensive training until the early to middle of the third year are generally fully trained within four months. Starting before 27 months simply makes the process longer.
    Effective training techniques include establishing regular toileting routines (for example, after getting up, after eating, before going to bed), using gentle encouragement, and praising children for their efforts. Pressuring too much in this area, as in others, can negatively affect the toddler’s emotion well-being.

  4. Miz BoheMia Says:

    My daughter wasn’t potty trained until she was 3 and some months because she simply did not want to so we didn’t push it. Then, once when at IKEA, we left her in the child care area. They were not too happy with her not being potty trained and we told her so and we explained that if she ever wanted to go to school, which she did, she would have to get her act together and WHAM, that was it. In one day all good to go…

    My son refused for a while and, when he was ready, just up and did it. It did help him to be around other kids and see them go potty…

    But with both we found that it was best not to push them. Why make yourslef miserable? Let him be and when he is ready you will totally know. This “just after two” rule is BS… I have MANY girlfriends who will attest to that! My son is 4 now and, though potty trained, still goes to bed with pullups and my girlfriend’s 5-year-old does the same… they come equipped with their own internal clock girlfriend!

  5. Farrell Says:

    I say maybe he’s just not ready. Don’t push it.

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