In which FCM is paranoid about FCB

Oh Ricky, what am I to do with you?

They say by the time a baby is 2 he/she should have a vocuabulary of 30 words or so. Ricky is not there. What can Ricky say?
popo (chinese for carry)
yiyi (Chinese for auntie)
coco (chinese for uncle)
jayjay (chinese for sister)

and “oh oh oh oh!!” like a monkey

I am so worried.

However, I do need to look at a few things here: Ricky is currently bilingual. I took chinese in college and barely remember a word of it. I sometimes wonder if his “babbling” is really sentances. His day, like many in the area, are run by chinese immigrents. he loves it there. he loves all the kids there. so I should stop worrying. but I can’t help but worry. I want ricky to succeed in life. when I was in elementry school I was told I had learning disorders which would hamper everything I do. I will admit to being unable to spell worth shit and having troubles expressing myself. however, I am a card carrying member of MENSA. so FUCK YOU ZAMERIA!!!

But I don’t want Ricky to have the same stigma that I did growing up. even my “friends” treated me like I was dumb. because I was in “learning skills”. I dont want to pressure ricky either. sigh. it’s a slippery slope.

3 Responses to “In which FCM is paranoid about FCB”

  1. Smiling Mom Says:

    Bilingual babies are exempt from normal vocabulary development rules. I promise. Both my nieces are bilingual and both didn’t/don’t speak until at least almost three.

    Bilingual=more=talking less earlier=way the hell ahead later.

    Unfortunately for us

  2. trish Says:


  3. fog city mommy Says:

    holy shit you’re right! why the hell doesn’t any one comment?

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