Just because she comments on my blog…

god I hate memes. but thats ok, I’ll play for Amanda. šŸ™‚

seven random things about me… again.


1. I have a couple tattoos. You would never know by looking at me though.crap. already put that. well, I am just not that interesting. uhh… I don’t sleep “right” in the bed. I always sleep with my feet off the side laying sideways onthe bed, or backwards but never where my feet are supposed to be.
2. And speakign of sleep… I haven’t sleep the whole night through since I was about 16. ALways get up at least once.
3. Am breaking out in zits now but never did as a kid.
4. wax my chin because of dark hair which I say started after Ricky was born but in reality I was plucking my chin before he was born, ugh
5. really wish more people aside from my favorite regualrs would comment here.
6. typed this whole thing without my speclticles. (by that I mean glassess)
7. often act like nothing can hurt me but in reality am very fragile.

not tagging anyone. sorry.


5 Responses to “Just because she comments on my blog…”

  1. ilovemyredhead Says:

    haha. i’m glad you participated. Memes are about like chain letters. I sort of dread them. I started getting zits after I had Allie but I never got them before I had her. I hate zits.

  2. trish Says:

    7 random things no one knows about me…

    1. I still live in the fantasy world believing that “the perfect guy” is out there waiting to find ME.
    2. I have a freckle that looks like PacMan on my right breast.
    3. Even though I am as poor as a church mouse, I am still narcissistic.
    4. I once told a guy that I had a huge crush on that I thought he was a piece of shit for treating women the way that he did. Two weeks later he committed suicide, and I have lived with the guilt ever since.
    5. Three years ago, I told my parents that I quit smoking, but went back to smoking after about 6 months because I felt homicidal. I officially quit smoking October 7, 2007 – one day after my dad died of esophageal cancer.
    6. My mom is my best friend and my hero, and I don’t know what I would do without her.
    7. If it weren’t for PostSecret, I would have never found you!

  3. adventuremom Says:

    WOW! Your blog looks so great! I love the new photo at the top.

  4. m Says:

    You know what I too now have the occasional zit but not as a teen…..hehe…we have that in common….sad sad me

  5. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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