Spotted Dick

No this isn’t some weird STD. it’s a funny story.

I woke up with spots. I had a few on the boobs, but I figured it was heat rash or something from my bra. no big deal. however, a few hours later… they were speading. on my boobs. down my stomach. hmmm….

next day, there were MORE on the boobs. down the stomach. on the hips. hmm…

NEXT DAY, on the boobs, on the stomach, on the hips, now on the back.

so I go to the doc. here, in my insanity of paranoia, I think I have AIDS. I think I have the Pox. I think I have Shingles. I think I have something that’s going to kill me.

no… I have Piyriasis Rosea. yeah, ok then. I just itch a little. mostly on my back

and if you want to know, here is a great recipe for Spotted Dick


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