I shouldn’t be hurt but I am

Ricky no longer loves his plush bunny he has had since he was born. I am heartbroken, but not for the reason you think.

Let me explain: it’s really cold right now in SF. when the fog is here, it’s actually warmed because it traps the heat that we get in the city during the day. so when it’s crystel clear, like tonight, the ocean breezes run through the avenues making it REALLY FREAKIN’ COLD. Nights like tonight you want to snuggle under a blanket with a boy/girl, curl up and cuddle while drinking some wine and watching a movie. Or in my case, binge on see’s candies a family gave me for working on their dad with such care and blog for Namopolokojohogofodosoaoqowoeorotoyouoiozoxocovobo month.

Since it’s so cold, Ricky does not sleep in his bunk bed. he sleeps in my bed with me under the comforters. it’s logical because the kid seems to get sick at the drop of the hat in the winter. so we just bundle up and snooze. him with the ratty bunny and me with my teddy bear my dad gave me when I was about 5 (shut up, I know, I still sleep with my bear. SMF didn’t get it either)

TOnight, Ricky has a little cold and is cranky. we are bundled in bed and he is fussy and down right cranky. all of a sudden he throws his bunny. next he grabs MY bear.


I know that Ricky is the 2 year old and I am the thirty femnasjkh year old but THIS IS MY BEAR!!!! I love gravey!! with all my heart!! still! and this little punk of a kid is stealing my gravey??!!!

I know I shouldn’t be hurt, espcially since Ricky folded his arms around Gravey and patted him calling him baby. I know it’s adorable that Ricky and Gravey are the same size. I know it’s FABULOUS that Ricky feel asleep smiling and quickly with Gravey but still I sat in the bed and silently cried.

Tears came spilling down my cheeks. I quietly sobbed as I watched my son and my teddy bear cuddle. The thing is, I could of easly removed Gravey from Ricky when he was asleep but I am a single mom. I never want my son to feel like he is missing out on anything because I can’t provide it. So Ricky and Gravey are new best friends. and it hurts. but watching my son sleep with that smile on his face….

… it’s worth it.


2 Responses to “I shouldn’t be hurt but I am”

  1. Siobhan Says:

    Aw 😦 I was never very attached to stuffed animals so I can’t understand your pain! Did you take the picture at the top of your blog? It’s very pretty. (I’ve been meaning to email you back but I keep forgetting and I’ve been busy with writing papers I’m sorry!)

  2. trish Says:


    May The Good Lord smile down upon you and your family, not only this day, but every day of the year!


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