Almost tragic day

Yesterday was Black Friday. I worked. I refused to sit in the freaking lines of shopping malls. good thing too becuase as I was driving the Mystery Machine to pick up a body in burligame, the 280 was BACKED UP because PEOPLE WERE GETTING OFF THE HIGHWAY AND SHOPPING! LITERALLY THE LINE OF CARS TO THE PARKING LOT IN SOUTH SF WENT ON TO THE FUCKING HIGHWAY!!

But I am distracted. Anyway, last night I decided to WALK around with Rickey and MAYBE get him something. I would have to check out the lines first. We went to Ross, where I could get cheap toys. there was no real lines or crowds (quite amazing) so I chose a few things out and went to pay.

when I got to the register, I paid for the toys and reached into the diaper bag to give a fussy Ricky ratty rabbit. (the stealing of gravey only lasted one night… thatnk god!) I put my hand in and reached for the bean baggy plush animal… only to find a sippy cup. I looked over where I was reaching. no rabbit. I pulled out the cup and some diapers because maybe rabbit slipped under. no rabbit. i began frantically unpacking my bag on the counter, rapidlly deciding I wasn’t going fast enough and upturned the whole thing much to the dismay of the cashier.


Rabbit fell out of the diaper back. Ricky looked at me quite expectidly from his stroller. he reached out his arms and said, “Ratrab!” I think to myself, “i’m fucked.” I tell the cashier to hold my bag and Ricky and I went gunning back to the toy store part. Rabbit is NO WHERE TO BE FOUND. I am frantic. I am crying. Ricky is looking around on the verge of tears and a tantrum. there is no rabbit.

all of a sudden I look up at the highest shelf. sitting on top of it, blinking down at us is rabbit! Ricky points and screams, “ratrab!!!!” next thing you know I am hurtling children, dodging toys and climbing (literally) to the highest shelf as ricky claps on calling “ratrab!!” Rabbit gets stuffed in my mouth as I propell myself down the great mountain of cheap and discounted toys and crap, as I crawl under other shoppers with huge bags, as I pant and drop ratrab on ricky’s lap.

Ricky promptly blew me a big kiss.

my hair is frizzy, I cut my knee and hit my elbow… but rabbit is home safe snuggling with ricky.


3 Responses to “Almost tragic day”

  1. Liz Says:

    You are Super Mom.

  2. Tom Says:

    And nothing, absolutely nothing, that you did yesterday is more important than getting rabbit back to his adoring Ricky.

    Good Job!!!

  3. mom2amara Says:

    Just like a mom — to save the day in the end. Scrapes and bruises…the battle scars no one tells us we’re going to get from saving rabbits from unknown places.

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