In which FCM does something she has NEVER done before…

I had a date. A real date. today. With a very nice and pretty boy. And a gentleman, who opened car doors for me, and paid for lunch, and was so nice. So, as I said, I had a date. His name is Paul. He is a dentist from Japan. He moved here with his family when he was 12. He was freaking adorable. he had freckles. I am such a sucker for freckles.

and he thinks I am beautiful. wow. no one has EVER called me that. cute. yes. funky. yes. kind of pretty. yes. beautiful? nope.

So we met in Golden Gate Park at the tennis courts. He is about my height, a bit taller, and later on I think that made him insecure because he mentioned something about that but it’s no worries. we went to the slow club for breakfast. actually, it was more like brunch. and you know what? it was DAMN GOOD too! we talked and laughed and had a lot in common. I thought our date was just going to be a brunch thing but it went on. we decided to do something we both had never done before.

we walked across the golden gate bridge.

Now, I have walked out onto the bridge before, just to stare at the city and think, but NEVER across it. neither had Paul. So we walked. and it was fun. and we talked and laughed and joked. and FOR ONCE it was NOT foggy and the weather was amazing! you could see angel island, Alcatraz,and the city. you could even see the bay bridge and treasure island (but not quite to Berkeley). It was a great time.

when we got back across the bridge, I went to the gift store and bought Ricky a snow globe (he likes to shake things so I think he will like it) and they had one of those penny machines. you know, you put two quarters in and a penny and then it stretches the penny and imprints it with a design? well, I bought two. one for Susan, my friend who has collected them all of her life (she has hundreds) and the other I gave to him. “this way you will remember the first time you walked across the bridge with a crazy girl you met online” He laughed and said it’s his lucky penny.

We got coffee at Peets and he drove me home. I asked if I could kiss him. he said sure. I gave him a peck. very sweet. we are going to another thing neither one of us has done in a few weeks: Alcatraz. (Ironic that I haven’t done these things as I have lived here my whole life, which is probably why I haven’t done them.)


11 Responses to “In which FCM does something she has NEVER done before…”

  1. Smiling Mom Says:

    Oh, Fantastic!! I’m so happy for you. It’s about time someone confirmed how wonderful and beautiful you are!

  2. Suebob Says:

    Sounds like fun!

  3. Missy Says:

    woohoo! sounds like a great time.

  4. Shigeta Says:

    Cooool!!! I’ve been out of touch.

  5. Shigeta Says:

    What I meant to say was “Coool! I’ve been out of touch and missed this. Yeah for you!!”

  6. Siobhan Says:

    😀 I’m happy for you

  7. fog city mommy Says:

    and he called!!! I was wondering how long to wait before I called him and HE CALLED ME!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. trish Says:

    OMG, I AM JUMPING UP AND DOWN FOR YOU!!! if i could still do cartwheels without breaking bones, i certainly wood!!! seeeeeeeeeeeee, i told you that you were beautiful and totally unappreciated by StupidHead!! CONGRATS!!! i canNOT wait to hear more!!!


  9. stoat Says:

    Yay!!!! You totally deserve a nice guy and he certainly sounds like one! I took some time off last week in Sydney to play tourist with a visiting friend. It’s funny how people take things for granted when they live there. Have fun exploring your home town! Can’t wait to hear the updates. So glad he called!!!!!

  10. mom2amara Says:

    FCM, I’m going to live vicariously through you and your dating exploits. Dad2Amara and I dated and then were quickly engaged. So courtship…yeah, not in our vocabularly.

  11. Paul. « Fog City Mommy Says:

    […] Sigh… remember the boy?  from the golden gate?  I must admit I am a little interested in him.  he’s sweet. […]

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