why the hell does safari suck all of a sudden?

Ok, riddle me this…. recently safari has been supported in wordpress.  yes!   I am excited!  but how come the spacing doesn’t work?  I mean really, if I wanted to write a paragraph, I would.  I like my spacing. it’s kind of the way I talk. so why the FUCK isn’t it working?  I hit publish and all of a sudden all my single lines blur together into one bit paragraph!  and my header?  I HAVE THE GOLDEN GATE!!  WHY DOES IT KEEP RESETTING ITSELF?!?!? And of course the paragraph thing happens every other time.  this is a test. how is this a test?  there isn’t more then two sentences in each line I am writing. so if you get a big paragraph, then you know where is all breaks down for my case in point!  


One Response to “why the hell does safari suck all of a sudden?”

  1. Smiling Mom Says:

    Big paragraph! Sorry! Buuut, the Golden Gate looks beautiful!!

    Firefox baby! I dropped Safari long ago.

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