Response to email from Bob, Linda and Frank…

ahhh…. yes, I wonder how many people are curious about Nancy Botwin.  in fact, people are a little weirded out by me saying that I am the angel of death.  I had three emails from Bob, Linda and Frank asking about it.

well, I think if you don’t read this often enough then it’s confusing.  I basically work with the dead.  I work in a morgue.  I do autopsies.  hence, I am always around the dead.  so I feel like the angel of death a lot of times.  I suppose it could be worse.  I could work at a sanatation factory.  I could be a cum scrubber in a nude club.  I could be working at a meat packaging plant.  I could work at McDonalds.

No, I work with dead bodies.  they are gross.  it’s tough.  and I love every minute of it.

so then, who the hell is Nancy Botwin?  another single mom, trying to get by for her sons…


One Response to “Response to email from Bob, Linda and Frank…”

  1. Karina Says:

    I think the fact you work with dead bodies is so fascinating. You get to see so much of the human body but not have to worry about making a mistake and possibly killing someone!
    It’s usually the neatest part about the show CSI. I think I could handle everything but the smell.

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