My building has been sold.  there is a chance that I will be asked to move out.  I can’t afford anywhere else in a “good” neighborhood with Ricky!!!! open to suggestions now!!!!!  HELP!!!!!! 


  1. Stefani Says:

    You might want to check craigslist.org for rentals if you have to move.

  2. Dory Says:

    Get thee upon a flying machine hither to Cedar Rapids, IA. You can live in my basement.

  3. fog city mommy Says:

    Dory dory dory!!! ~ yeah, and leave Ricky? never never never!!!

    S~ THat’s how I found this place! and please come back and comment again. I am super nice. 😛

  4. Rachel Says:

    I had a similar problem when my building got sold. But remember, a lot of the renter’s laws in SF make it hard to evict people. contact the rent board and know your rights. Eviction is the worst case scenario, and even if you do get evicted, they will probably pay you to leave and maybe you’d have enough time to find another good place in our good neighborhood. let everyone know if you have to find a new place and I am sure that between all the people you know something will come up.

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