Bottled memories.

You and me.  We lay in bed, lit by the candle.  your face traces a sleepy smile.  your eyes barely open, watching mine.  your giggles echoing softly.  your hair glowing in the dim light.  my hand runs through your hair, whispering nothings until you sleep.  you play with  my hair, wrapped in your delicate little fingers.  the wall heater kicks on with the low rumbling of winter nights.  you snuggle close under my chin, cooing softly into the night.  I hum, safe and sound, into the dimly lit room, feeling your heart beat in mine.  your face I have memorized as you slip softly away from me, into the land of nod.    this is where I feel at home. 


2 Responses to “Bottled memories.”

  1. Carrie Says:

    Aaaaaaw! So very sweet.

  2. Mad Says:

    Cherish these moments….they grow up too quick

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