Angry as the sea…

This afternoon, Ricky wouldn’t sleep. We did the standard thing and took our usual drive down the Great Highway, which for you non-SF people is the strip of street that runs against the beach. and it’s not the bay that it looks at, but the pacific ocean. it’s beautiful. it’s also one of the only streches of land in SF that you can drive continously on because the lights line up. in other words, it’s perfect for putting babies to sleep.

Today we drove. Ricky stared at the ocean. I stared at the ocean. the rain had cleared and the sky was still cloudy. it wasn’t a dark and dismal clouded sky, but more of a silver color. the sun shined through faintly.  it was beautiful.

the sea was angry.  even ricky said “mad!” when he saw it.  it looked, in all honesty, like molten lava you see on science shows when volcanos errupt.  it was awe inspiring and breath taking.  the waves, at least half a mile out, where fighting each other to come it with explosive results.  it was beautiful.

One Response to “Angry as the sea…”

  1. ilovemyredhead Says:

    I wish I lived near the ocean. It sounds like a wonderful method for putting kids to sleep! These days, I need a back up method for sure.

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