In which FCM was uncomfortable until her kick ass son saved the day…

Last night, here is SF, there was a Blogher event. it was mostly a social where people who had attened the past blogher events got together and ate and drank and schmoozed. having attended Blogher 06 when I had another blog about being married and preggers, I thought hey, why not go schmooze. maybe I will meet some people. maybe I can get some ideas. maybe my conversations will have nothing to do with the “cookie every once and awhile” monster or elmo’s freaking world. maybe, shock of all shocks, I will get to talk to ADULTS.

The shindig was acutally at a place called Royal Cafe in… the tenderloin. oh god. at first I was going to Muni it out there but then I realized I would be walking, at night, with a baby, for at least 8 blocks. to say that this is a bad idea is an understatement. this is a horrid idea. I don’t want to get robbed, raped, jumped or have ricky in any kind of danger what so ever. (For you non-SF folks, the tenderloin is a great place to buy drugs, piss in the street, sleep on a stoop or pick up a hooker.) Next I thought, Taxi? in all honesty, I am trying to pay OFF the credit cards, not get more in debt.

I finally decided to drive. I figured if I could find a place to park, then it was a sign to go. if I couldn’t, well no worries. blogher is in SF this year so I will be going. amazingly enough, I found a spot to park right outside the cafe. Ok, that was a sign. I haul Ricky out of the car, slinging the diaper bag over a shoulder, and walk in.

oh shit.

I am SO out of place.

Paint if you will a picture… this place is kind of posh to be in the tenderloin. and, which I am sure is all in my head, I swear to god I walked in and everyone just looked at me like I was a fish out of water. I had just come off a twelve hour work day. and while there was no vomiting and fainting today on my behlaf, I was wearing jeans, a tank and a heavy jacket with work clogs. people here, however, looked like fashion plates. suits, dresses, skirts, heels… none of them had a child with them. but then again, none of them I am willing to bet was holding a human heart in their hands an hour earlier.  besides, my blog is fog city MOMMY.  Ricky is the star of the blog and probably the star of last night as well.
I am horribly shy, so it was quite a relief when someone started talking to me almost insantly. they said they knew me. turns out they mistook me for another rachel. opps. but they were so nice and we had a lovely time. eventually I decided to go get Ricky some finger foods. Ricky, loved the cookies. I should have knwon that the sugar was going to make him hyper though. 20 minutes later, the marathon began.

“and he’s off! ricky takes the lead by jumping out of moms arms and racing through the legs of people in the semidarkness, mom stumbling through the crowd chasing him…” you can imagine the rest. it was an interseting way to mingle. every time I heard a snippet of a conversation that sounded like something I would have liked to jump in on, I paused, handed them my blogger card and said, “I wanted to ask you about this but I need to chase the little man.” everyone found Ricky to be adorable of course. he was my saving grace.

I will speak more about this later as it’s late and Ricky is finally asleep and I have a lot of work to do.


3 Responses to “In which FCM was uncomfortable until her kick ass son saved the day…”

  1. Mad Says:

    what really surprised me was the part where you said “I am horribly shy”. Really! I’m shocked.. not that I know you well but I always imagined you to be quite outgoing. Good for you then for taking the plunge.

  2. mom2amara Says:

    Girl, I’m just catching up on blogs now. But if I can find the moolah to get to SF for Blogher next summer, you better not be shy with me!

  3. fog city mommy Says:

    well you have a free place to stay so don’t worry about hotel. 🙂

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