In which FCM drops the S bomb

“ricky michael zander… if you don’t go to sleep right now Santa isn’t going to come to our house!”


5 Responses to “In which FCM drops the S bomb”

  1. Siobhan Says:

    I’ve definitely heard that one before 😀


  2. Miz BoheMia Says:

    Ha, ha, haaaaa!

    My nutty little boy was threatened with having all his gifts vanish were he to incur my wrath again…

    And on we go with the show!


    Merry Christmas my dear friend!

  3. fog city mommy Says:

    it worked too! hehehe!!!

  4. Liz Says:

    Haha…my aunts used “Santa takes returns!” and stories about the “Return Elves” on their kids. Oh, the sudden attitude changes my cousins had…

  5. ilovemyredhead Says:

    I dropped the ‘S’ bomb like no other this holiday season….but it works so well. I couldn’t help it.

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