Because nothing says “Merry Christmas” quite like arterial blood.

Ricky is with his father today. I won’t even begin to tell you how unfair I find that and how fucked up it is. Instead, after opening prensents this morning and then taking him over to the mission to where I was to meet his father and his cunt mistress, I decied I was going to go to the movies. actually, our family has gone to the movies every year on Xmas day because it’s the only time we were all together to do something. Carrying on tradition, I decided I would go by myself and see Sweeny Todd. Let’s face it, eye candy and blood. exactly what I needed today.

So how was the movie? gorey as all fuck. very vivid. very gruesome. very gross. for me to be saying that it was gross to the point where I was cringing in my seat… well, it was THAT bad. but the movie was also THAT good. Imagine this: you are trying to make a movie about a barbar who kills people. it’s all in song with very little talking. there is barely any color. (My therory was that was as to make the blood stand out more) . this is a muscial only in the way that tim Burton could do it. and it was damn good too.

Johnny Depp… sigh. he gets me all hot and bothered in my old age. (yeah, I laughed at the old age remark too). But who knew that he could sing. and he can. this is it, he is going to get his oscar that he so definetly deserves. Sure, pass him over for Pirates, ignore him for (what I consider the best role of his career) in Finding Neverland… but this is it. his time. and my god can he sing. the only draw back is that his speaking voice and accent was Jack Sparrow but without the keith richardness of it.

helen Bonham Carter…. eh, same shit, different day.

what I found funny is that Snape, Peter Pettiegew and Bellatrix Lastrange were all in this movie. lol.

I love musicals. I do. I think there is no day but today and somewhere a place for us. I that there are a tale as old as time that completes the circle of life. I get mesmerised by the high flying, adored and hope one day to dream of defying gravity. I have a dream, that helps me cope with everything. but I will not be seeing sweeny todd again. too gorey. and if I am saying that, then that’s saying someting!

I find it ironic that the by line or what ever you want to call it for the film is “never forget. never forgive.” I feel that way with sean. I don’t want to be this bitter anymore. I just can’t do it.

Oh yes, and I am so going to have major nightmares all night.  Good thing I am working graveyard.

2 Responses to “Because nothing says “Merry Christmas” quite like arterial blood.”

  1. Carrie Says:

    Peace to you this season, FCM.

  2. City Girl Says:

    I came this [ ] close to seeing Sweeny Todd on Christmas…except that I fell asleep. Talk about old age.

    Thanks for the honest, real person review. :o) Have not read before that half the cast of HP appears in this movie – LOVE Alan Rickman.

    Merry Gorey Christmas, Sister!

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