revamping for a new year…

all my stupid catagories?  on the side there?  I hate the titles.  HATE THEM.  so if anyone has any clever quotes from poems, movies, songs etc that would be better, let me know what you think and maybe I will change them.  see?  I already did a few!!!



3 Responses to “revamping for a new year…”

  1. SF MOm of One Says:

    Hmm, how can we tell which ones you changed already?
    Here’s a question: what distinguishes “this is just pissing me off now” from “this sucks”? Maybe there is room for collapsing categories?

    I kinda like your list though.

  2. City Girl Says:

    Not able to offer anything clever at the moment, but you absolutely need to keep, “What the fuck was I thinking?”

    As a matter of fact, between WTFWIT? and People are Dumb, you might not need any other tags!

  3. fog city mommy Says:


    WTFWIT is actually a pretty damn funny and good song by Jenny Owen Youngs called Fuck was I.

    I think I will combine them…

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