Reflections on the storm

The sounds in the street all day were haunting.  The sirens blared as ambulances rushed in and out, chased by the police and the fire trucks.  The wind shook the trees like the were martini’s, knocking branches left and right, swerving cars into other lanes of traffic, and knocking one Fog City Mommy flat on her ass at the cross walk when she dared brave mother nature to get a cup of coffee with her friend from school.  The messages at work lit the phones up like a Christmas tree: 19th ave flooded, golden gate park closed, live wires down in the mission, BART stuck at Balboa because of a tree blown onto the tacks, Muni trains are derailed and the buses are off the wires.

Reports of accidents flew in and out faster then rumors about Brittney Spears.  Doctors scrambled to find out which sections of the city were without power, fearing for the safety of palliative care patients who had life saving support at home.  

And then there was me, quietly in the basement, listening to the radio, continuing on with work… until the power goes off.  And there is nothing quite as frightening, no matter how old you are, as being in a pitch black room, wind screaming around you, branches slapping the walls, rain wreaking havoc on everything and having that light go of while your hand is in somebody’s dead body.  Even as you count the seconds, which feel like hours and days,  until the generator clicks on and you continue with your work, there is that spilt second that you imagine every horror flick come to life in your head.


Tonight, the city is quiet.  The storm has passed, for now. The clean up continues: garbage cans tipped and trash spewed through out the streets, discarded xmas trees blocking intersections, tree branches littering the sidewalks, floods subsiding on the streets, PG&E working overtime to get the lights on to have the city, AT&T repairing downed phone lines… 


 Ricky and I curl up together in my bed, huddled under the comforters, flashlights on the bedside stand, and sleep, calmly and soundly in the night…




Somewhere in the distance a faint siren begins to wail…



2 Responses to “Reflections on the storm”

  1. Carrie Says:

    Glad you’re okay. I heard that California got it much worse than we did — but if my windy night is just a mere portion of what yours was like, I can’t imagine.

    Sounded like banshees all night, garbage on streets, shingles flew off roof, trees snapping . . . glad it’s over, for now.

  2. SF Mom of One Says:

    OK, you win for scariest place to be when the lights go out during the storm!

    I thought my living room was bad. The timbers were literally shaking. But you know, there was daylight when the lights went out.

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