In the arms of your angel, may you find some comfort here…

My father died when I was a teenager.  We were very close, to say the least.  When he died, I felt like I lost my best friend.  And now, twenty some odd years later, I wonder about the existence of ghosts in this world.  I wonder if he truly watches over me.


And I know he does.


This isn’t going to be some hyper up religious entry to my blog.  This is going to be my opinions.  Me? Opinionated? Never!  But let me tell you why my father is guiding me… on Xmas eve, I went to my mother’s family.  Also invited, as he is every year, was my dad’s best friend and roommate right after college.  He immigrated with my dad from Poland and they shared a place in SF.


I told him all about the past year: how hard it’s been, how wonderful Ricky was, and where we were living in the good old city of SF.


“You know, when your dad and I moved to SF we lived over in the **** district as well. Our first flat was a great little place over on *******,” said Adam.


I looked oddly at Adam, a funny feeling rising in my stomach.  “**** you said?  Ricky goes to day care on ****” I looked over at Ricky.  He was giggling with his cousins and looked up at me and waved.  I can’t describe the strange feeling I had.  Like something was lining up and I couldn’t figure out what or why…


“Really?” said Adam, “we lived at *** **** ****.  It was across from ****** school.”  Adam’s voice droned out.  I had a peculiar feeling as I flashed to the buzzer I rang daily when dropping Ricky off at day care. 


“Sorry,” I interrupted, “did you say *** **** ***?”


“Yeah… it was a great place,” said Adam.


I looked at Ricky.  He smiled from across the room.  My eyes filled with tears.  My father’s first place after coming to America is the SAME FLAT that Ricky’s day care is currently run out of.


I know my dad is with me now.


(did you really think I would give you the address of my day care?  I am NOT stupid!!!) 



6 Responses to “In the arms of your angel, may you find some comfort here…”

  1. Karina Says:

    this gave me goosebumps

  2. Liz Says:

    Ditto with the goosebumps. That’s surreal.

  3. Farrell Says:

    that is super duper cool. i totally believe in that shit.

  4. Carrie Says:

    There’s nothing wrong with believing that our loved ones are looking out for us.

    Your Dad loves you.

  5. Farrell Says:

    PS. that’s one of my fav. songs, and fav. movies.

  6. motherofbun Says:

    LOVE the song. ANd that gave me goosebumps too.

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