And the winner is…

So who won?  Tom won.However he was wrong on a bunch…I have lived outside SF.  College people college!!!  four years of pergatory!!  and I have a cat named Ralph.  while I have not been on top of the WTC, I have been to ground zero.  I did model nude for quite some time.  That’s what I was doing on 9-11 actually.  Won a couple marathons in college (oh to be 18 again!!!)  I have made 1000 paper cranes.  it was a school thing in junior high.  I have not been to figi.  gotten a wax.  ouch.  that’s all I will say.  fell into lust once.  it turned into love.  it turned into betrayal. it turned into a suicide I got to autopsy 15 years later. I knit a lot (learned in HS).  I laugh at my mistakes.  I have kept an on going diary for over 20 years.My life to do list.1. get kissed2. get laid3. get married4. have a baby5. go to college6. go to grad school7. get phd8. own house9. live in sf10. live outside of sf11. go to nyc12. get a cat13. get a dog14. drive a car15. swim a mile16. walk the great wall of china17. stand on top of the world trade center18. go to paris19. fall in love20. have a one night stand21. model nude22. get a tattoo23. get a piercing24. drink tequilia25. live past 5326. strip tease27. sing karoke28. get over being so fucking shy29. stop swearing30. smoke a cigar31. watch the sunrise32. watch the sunset on the beach33. go to Alcatraz34. walk across the golden gate bridge35. get along better with linus36. learn to forgive37. stop holding grudges38. drive a car39. ride a bike40. fly a plane41. swim in the carribean ocean42. go on a cruise43. own a house44. move out of here45. climb a tree46. write a book47. do a cartwheel on the beach48. go hiking/backpacking49. go to Ireland50. go to Africa51. feed giraffes52. be on TV for something53. be on the radio for something54. win a marathon55. stay out dancing all night56. learn a foreign language57. go to spain and italy58. go to france59. go to Scotland60. watch every acadmy award winning movie61. make 1000 paper cranes62. find something to believe in63. own my own computer64. be employed doing something worthwhile.65. Go to figi66. Do a handstand somewhere random67. Finish high school 68. Go snorkeling69. Try it70. Go scuba diving71. Go wine tasting72. Go to the sear’s tower73. Be able to do the splits when I am 2574. Try yoga75. Get a massage76. Get waxed.77. Smoke pot78. Fall in love79. Fall in lust80. Have a drink at the bar where my parents met81. Have a broken heart, to learn from it.82. Lose weight83. Do a body shot off someone84. Get a lap dance85. Give a lap dance86. Go to where Buddha found enlightenment87. Find enlightenment88. Try sushi89. Go to japan90. Learn to cook something exotic91. Own my own car92. Learn to knit or something like that93. Make a blanket94. Do something cliché in college95. Do something wild in college96. Ditch class now97. Stop obsessing over your skin98. Keep a diary for one year straight99. Laugh at your mistakes100. Learn to forgive. tell him what he won!!!   “tom of dark and scary has won a gift card to the only place rachel knows is in his area for sure… STARBUCKS!!!!  enjoy! 


5 Responses to “And the winner is…”

  1. Dory Says:

    I’ve done a cartwheel in Boston and I’m about to try yoga.

    Sorry I didn’t play! My attention span is a whiny bitch!

  2. Tami Says:

    I don’t know you enough yet 😦 but since he got a lot of them wrong I might’ve had a chance. Oh well.

  3. Tom Says:

    Yeah, see?! I’m willing to try things even if I look like and idiot…
    Actually, oftentimes, I try things specifically because I’ll look like an idiot. There’s a reason people call me Stickerhead.
    And coffee?! Mmmmmmm. Love me some coffee. Got a pot goin on my desk raght naow.

  4. fog city mommy Says:

    need your address. 🙂

    good job!!

  5. motherofbun Says:

    I have been so behind the dime in everyday life that its taken a few weeks for me to start visiting blogs and catch up on my favorite peeps. (Like You.)

    LOVED the pic of you and your son by the way. You and the little one are one our wall of fame! So I see you both everday and think of you both too.

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